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Packages and Accessories

Listed below are the most popular USB Flash Drive customized packaging options that we offer to fulfill our clients' diverse presentation needs. We have options for a wide a variety of purposes, for orders big and small. If you have a packaging idea not listed below, contact a friendly sales representative and let him/her know. We will likely have the resources to make your idea a reality.        

 Plastic Magnetic Snap Case         

 Window Cylinder Tin Compact Retail Box
     Diameter - 90mm; Height - 60mm         102mm x 71mm x 10mm                 Leather card holder        


Little Tin for Custom Flash Drives         Rectangle Window Tin

White Mesh Pouches       Custom USB Velvet Pouches

Customizable Magnetic Boxes for Flash Drives, Pens, and Portable Media Players Personalized Holiday Gift Box
                 96mm x 96mm x 27mm                                            127mm x 40mm x 20mm


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